Professional Event Hire – Luxtree offers a wide range of LED trees, Illuminated products, effect machines and more!

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~ There is a luxtree for every occasion ~

Luxtree’s enchanting range of realistic led trees will leave you in awe. We have three main types of Luxtrees;. our blossom, maple and willow range. We have various sizes in all types ranging from 1m to 5m tall. To find out more about each range see our enchanting blossoms, the mystical willow, and our sweet maple range.

To give our customers an additional X factor we introduced an LED glow furniture range. Made from the highest quality moulded plastic, high power led modules and lithium polymer batteries. You have the ability to select individual colours, modes and speed of the colour transition. Our LED furniture can be programmed to suit all occasions. 

We have a piece of furniture for every type of event. Our products come in different styles and sizes, to design the perfect scene and create the ambience that you desire. Some of our most popular LED furniture includes: LED Bar, LED Cocktail Tables, LED Balls, LED Benches, LED Ice bucket, LED Cubes. These can all be found on our LED Furniture page.

What’s New

Luxtree is a specialist provider of boutique realistic LED trees, LED Glow Furniture, Illuminated LED Letters, effect machines and event props.


If you are interested in hiring our products for events, parties, functions and more, then contact us below for more information about hire and purchase.